Suture Anchor Pin 4 mm Diameter 2.0 mm Hole [SAP4] (376398) - Sutures |

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Suture Anchor Pin 4 mm Diameter 2.0 mm Hole [SAP4]


A threaded suture anchor is machined into the tip of a 3mm trochar pin. Immediately proximal to the suture anchor is a narrow break off point. The construct is stable during axial drilling of the pin into bone & once in position withthe hole of the anchor just above the surface of the bone the shaft of the pin is rocked to and fro. The stainless steel undergoes work hardening and becomes very brittle, ultimately breaking off leaving the anchor in postion ready for placement of sutures up to 1.0mm in diameter. The suture anchor pin is extremely easy to postion and place without pre-drilling.

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