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150 lb LigaFiba Lateral Suture (500 mm) [LFLS150]


Extreme strength, minimal stretch and good abrasion charcteristics make LigaFiba an ideal material for lateral sutures. LigaFiba for any given diameter is more than twice as strong as monofilament nylon. The loop may be either tied or crimped at the end of the procedure.Lateral sutures are supplied sterile with size appropriate cruciate needle on one end and a straight round bodied needle at the other.

150 lb LigaFiba Lateral Suture (500 mm) [LFLS150]

LFLS250 should be used in weights up to approximately 40-50kgs. Ligafiba is also available as a sterile length of material without needles for use with suture anchors orfor lateral suture with swaged curved and straight needles. LigaFiba is a new, extremely strong surgical suture material. It is composed entirely of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, the same hard wearing material from which we make acetabular cups. Until now it has not been possible to spin it fine enough to produce flexible tieable strands. Weight for weight it is 15 x stronger than steel and 2.5 x stronger than nylon. Importantly it has very good abrasion characteristics which is important when used in hostile environments such as lateral sutures and hip toggles. LigaFiba has a number of applications in veterinary orthopaedics and is available in a range of sterile presentations: ligament and tendon repairs, cruciate lateral sutures, bone tunnelcruciate procedures, hip toggle procedures.

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