Perasafe Cold Sterilant 6 x 81 g (5 litres) [100101] (375532) - Instrument Care |

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Perasafe Cold Sterilant 6 x 81 g (5 litres) [100101]


Perasafe is a rapid, instrument compatible, user and environmentally friendly, chemical sterilant. Supplied as a safe, space-saving powder Perasafe is activated by simply dissolving in luke-warm tap water. Providing rapid sterilisation and re-use of endoscopy instruments, Perasafe gives confidence to users and patients alike. A unique aldehyde-free formulation gives efficacy without harm to instruments, health risks to nursing staff and avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems. Perasafe is a pale blue/white powder which, when in solution, sterilises within 10 minutes. Suitable for all surgical instruments and fibrescopes. Formulated not to damage surgical instruments. Prepared solution lasts 24 hours. 81g pack makes 5 litres. May be subdivided to make less.

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