Set of 4 Tracheostomy Tubes Disposable [TRACHDISPSET] (376536) - Head & Neck Surgery |

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Set of 4 Tracheostomy Tubes Disposable [TRACHDISPSET]


Dimensions of tubes:
1 X 2.5mm internal diameter / 4.0mm external diameter
1 X 4.0mm internal diameter / 6.0mm external diameter
1 X 5.5mm internal diameter / 8.0mm external diameter
1 X 7.0mm internal diameter / 10.0mm external diameter
Different sizes available singly. The disposable tracheostomy tube can be a life saver. In the smallest size of disposable tracheostomy tubes,wall thickness can restrict air flow. Where this is a risk it may be worth considering the non-disposable version.

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