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AHM Balfour Retractor 180 mm Spread [25-2375AHM]


The original Balfour has for many years served as the standard large abdominal retractor for canine surgery. However the standard midline canine approach is very different from the standard human approach. Alasdair Hotson Moore has re-visted the original design and has made some significant changes which improve the instrument both in use and sterilisation.

AHM Balfour Retractor 180 mm Spread [25-2375AHM]

Exploratory surgery of the cranial abdomen in larger dogs presents difficulties of access for all surgeons, but especially when a scrubbed assistant is unavailable. The traditional Balfour retractor is an ideal instrument for this application in theory, but its practical application is limited by the fact that it is simply too large to fit in the typical benchtop autoclave found in general practice. This modified version allows both arms to be removed from the cross piece, making it small enough to fit easily into a small autoclave. The arm of the spoon has also been slightly shortened to achieve this aim. This retractor is ideal for creating exposure for gastric surgery (especially gastropexy) as well as surgery of the liver and ruptured diaphragm repair.

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