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Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Set of 3 [CWPSET]


To even the most experienced of surgeons, passing good cerclage wires can be a bit of a challenge. Most Cerclage passers are of deep profile making them difficult to pass between bones which may be in close approximation such as those of the lower limbs. Most are also poor for manipulating fragments. This device sets out to address these shortcomings. Another feature of the new passer is that the instrument may be left in situ during tightening, minimising migration and oblique wires.

Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Set of 3 [CWPSET]

Designed by David Strong MRCVS, the low profile of these devices aims to allow easier passage between bones. Having an open channel and with wire passable from the tip or handle end should simplify function. The flat on the internal aspect of the tip aims to give better feel for use as a reduction aid and to assist with close passage of the device around the bone. The following sizes are available as single items:
Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Small
Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Medium
Strong Cerclage Wire Passer Large

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