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Thera-paw Small/ Medium 2 (T/D) [200003 2]


The ultra-cushioned sole alleviates pain, reducing lameness and promoting more even weight distribution.

Thera-paw Small/ Medium 2 (T/D) [200003 2]

The use of perforated top-sole material and cutout design allow the paw to breathe and keeps the injured site free from moisture build-up.- The rubberized, non-skid base and toe-cap are waterproof, protect the site from further injury, and provide better traction.- The vertical closure design runs parallel to the carpal/tarsal bones, dispersing pressure over a wide area. - Thera-Paw is easily cleaned by rinsing it under warm water. Mild detergent may be used. It air dries in under 1 hour, and is ready for immediate reapplication. - The front opening and closing mechanism makes it easy to slip Thera-Paw into place. - The outer safety strap provides additional security, to ensure that Thera-Pawstays on even the most active dogs. - The dual closing mechanism reduces the risk that a dog can remove the garment.

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