Medium Connecting Bar 3/16 (4.8 mm) x 300 mm [001589XXL] (375270) - Bars |

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Medium Connecting Bar 3/16 (4.8 mm) x 300 mm [001589XXL]


MediumConnecting Bar 3/16 inches (4.8mm) x 300mmConnecting Bars are available in 5/16 inches for large clamps, 3/16 inches for medium clamps and 1/8 inches for small clamps. The thicker the bar, the stronger the frame. The shorter the bar between bone fragments, the stronger the frame. Rigidity is important early in fracture healing. When significant callus is present, it is often helpful to introduce some slight axial motion by either removing some pins or moving the clamps further away from the bone. This is known as staging down or dynamising. Bars are available in a variety of lengths.

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