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120 watt MonoPolar/ BiPolar Electrosurgery Unit [HF122]


HF 122 is a complete innovation in the electrosurgery field. It is a high frequency-electronic scalpel suitable for microcoagulation, small and medium MonoPolar surgery and BiPolar coagulation.

120 watt MonoPolar/ BiPolar Electrosurgery Unit [HF122]

The following MonoPolar modes of operation are available via the control panel: pure cutting (CUT), coagulated cutting (COAG), MonoPolar coagulation and microcoagulation (BLEND). Additionally with BiPolar forceps, bipolar coagulation and microcoagulation are available.Safety AlarmOpen Circuit (OC) Alarm warns the user that connection into the neutral plate has not been made or that the cable is disconnected. The alarm is signalled with an intermittent beep together with a flashing red light on the front panel. In this condition HF emission for cut and coagulation operation is switched off. Meets all EC standards for this type of equipmentOverheat AlarmShould the final module in the HF generator overheat, the unit incorporates an internal circuit protection which cuts off operation. In this condition the red OVH warning light illuminates and the user must wait until the generator cools down, about 20 sec, before recommencing. The module will not go into protection mode as long as the instruction for operation as described in the manual are followed.Kit includes:? Two button MonoPolar handle? Foot control? Flat neutral plate? 6 short MonoPolar electrodes? BiPolar cable and forceps

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