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2.7/3.5 mm Compression Extended Length [152903XL]


Pancarpal arthrodesis is a regular procedure in veterinary orthopaedics.Standard plates tend to be either too big for the metacarpal or too small for the radius. Our range of hybrid carpal arthrodesis plates tries to give you the best of both worlds. The taper on the distal part of the plate makes closure easier and automatically produces an angle of around 5 degrees. Some surgeons prefer greater coverage of the metacarpals than is offered by our standard plates.We now offer an extra long plate which is designed to give over 50% coverage of the metacarpal segment.

2.7/3.5 mm Compression Extended Length [152903XL]

For partial carpal arthrodesis try our TPLO plates.Also useful for pantarsal arthrodesis, intertarsal arthrodesis, distal tibial fracture and distal humerus fractures.

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