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3.5 mm Locking T-Plate 10 Holes 100 mm Long [T3510100LOCK]


Locking plates have numerous advantages over more conventional implants, and over the past year, David Strong, our Product Development Manager, has been working on a range of T-plates that use locking technology to capitalise on these. They are proportioned for use on distal radial fractures, but should be useful elsewhere too.

3.5 mm Locking T-Plate 10 Holes 100 mm Long [T3510100LOCK]

All of the plates in our locking T-plates have been designed with an additional small hole between the two most proximal screw holes. This will permit the engagement of positional aides such as an A-wire or the tips of pointed reduction forceps. Designed to use locking screws only, these implants do not have the stacked locking feature common on many of our larger locking implants. These are therefore unsuitable for use with standard cortical/cortical selftap screws. For fragments that are only big enough to accommodate two screws side by side, our locking plates will grab these small fragments very securely indeed. Being a mere 1.3mm thick and with limited contact undercuts, these implants minimise some of the negative biological effects of plating on the surrounding soft tissues. The limited contact undercuts also go further in that they reduce the stress riser effects at empty screw holes allowing for more consistent contouring and improved cycle life. The A-wire/reduction forceps hole is 1.2mm in diameter. Available up to 120mm long, allowing more of the bone to be spanned.Featuring a 1.8mm reduction hole. Scaled plate profiles are available.

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