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1.0 mm T Plate 18 mm Long [T101018]


These T-plates have been designed by Veterinary Instrumentation to provide options for the repair of distal radial fractures in very small dogs and in cats. These fractures can be difficult to manage, partly because of the small sizes of the bones involved and partly because the area has relatively poor vascularity resulting in what is often a prolonged healing time.

1.0 mm T Plate 18 mm Long [T101018]

The spacing between the head holes and the shank holes increases from the A-series to the B-series with two extended options in the C-series to permit fracture repair at different levels of the distal radius. The C-series plates havespace for a third head screw. This provides greater repair stability and the C-series are strongly advisedwhen the distal fragment is large enough.SeriesBhave a 6.6mm space between head and shaft holes.Plate not shown to scale.

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