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NanoPaste Syringe 5ml [PAS5]


The addition of osteoconductive bioceramic hydroxyapatite to an orthopaedic site can significantly decrease healing times. NanoPaste is available as two presentations. This is the 5ml syringe.NanoPaste - The sterile presentation is an aqueous paste supplied in a syringe (2.5ml or 5.0ml). The paste may be injected directly into a defect where it conforms to fill the space.

NanoPaste Syringe 5ml [PAS5]

The paste is readily colonised by bone cells and acts as a scaffold encouraging penetration of host bone.The putty-like consistency means that the paste may be pressed onto bone where it sticks until resorbed. NanoPaste is very similar to Ostim which has an established clinical record.Applications include: joint arthrodesis, TTA, non unions, delayed unions and filling spine cages.

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