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Enhanced TTO Instrument Set (all of above) [tto009]


Includes the Improved/Combined Osteometer & Saw Guide, the TTO Wedgie & the TTO Clasper. The New Combined Osteometer and Saw Guide interlock to become a single instrument which is much easier to manage than the original two separate instruments. The thumbscrew locks the osteometer onto the saw guide for secure accurate osteotomies. The osteometer still has holes for fixation to the tibia using 1.6 arthrodesis wires.The TTO Clasper may be used to lock the osteometer onto the tibia prior to cutting.

Enhanced TTO Instrument Set (all of above) [tto009]

The Clasper has an additional role in that it is used to replace the kern bone holders in the original technique. The Clasper grasps the tibia crest prior to closure and incorporates location holes for the very large fragment forceps to lock into. The TTO Wedgie: This bone manipulation instrument is used to gently open osteotomies during the procedure. Alternatively we have an Basic, more economical TTO Instrument Set, which has the separate Saw Guide & Osteometer and doesn''t contain the Clasper.

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