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TTA Rapid Cage 9/22 Titanium [TTAR922]


TTA Rapid is the newest advancement technique around, only becoming available with advances in manufacturing technology. Utilising a 3D printing technology known as selective laser sintering (SLS), layers of the purest medical grade titanium are built up to form a macro-porous anatomically shaped 3D matrix. The structural outer casing provides additional strength and has integrated screw holes for a very rigid primary fixation. The macro-porous structure allows very little inhibition to vascularisation optimising the healing process.

TTA Rapid Cage 9/22 Titanium [TTAR922]

Adoption of the technique should be intuitive to those who have performed similar surgeries in the past and indications are that the learning curve is short even for those new to tibial advancements with instrumentation. There are multiple advancements and widths of cage available to help tailor cage size to the individual. Cages are available in all standard TTA widths and lengths.

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