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TPLO Plate Locking 2.7 Right [TPLO27LPCR]


Use of locking screws offers an internal external fixation construct across the osteotomy site. The plate is attached to the screw and the screw is attached to the bone. Rigidity does not depend on the plate being trapped between screw head and bone as in non-locking plates. Our new plate is osteotomy centred and maximises the interfacearound the osteotomy circumference. A novel angled DCP hole distally allows for additional compression of the cranial osteotomy if necessary.

TPLO Plate Locking 2.7 Right [TPLO27LPCR]

Plates are supplied pre-contoured to minimise the risk of screw hole distortion and stress riser marks. A dedicated drill guide is, however, necessary to place the pilot hole exactly at the correct angle to the plate.Holes accept both standard cortical screws and locking screws.

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