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Melag autoclave, model Euroklav 23V-S including 1 shelf


The new MELAG autoclave complies with the strict requirements from the European Standard prEN 13060-4.

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Melag autoclave, model Euroklav 23V-S including 1 shelf

This autoclave adheres to the requirements stipulated in the denomination "Class S". Designed with the latest vacuum technology to ensure the optimal sterilization process. By using the vacuum technique all air is efficiently sucked out of the chamber. When the steam and the air is subsequently led into the chamber in connection with the pressure equalisation, the steam will then permeate all crevices. Consequently, the required sterilization of all crevices and openings can be achieved as opposed to usual autoclaving methods. EUROKLAV 23V-S also adheres to the strict demand for temperature accuracy during this process.

The advanced water system can handle both a circulatory flow as well as a single use mode. The drying process, which is often regarded as the "Achilles heel" of autoclaving, has also been optimized by using the flow drying technique combined with the post-sterilization air-removal. This technique provides a sufficiently low level of residual moisture, which in turn enables the autoclave bags to be sealed and consequently any risk of re-contamination is avoided. Works on 5 different programmes, e.g. a quick programme (12-15 minutes) and a gentle programme (32-25 minutes) for e.g. textiles and delicate equipment.

In spite of the advanced functions the EUROKLAV 23V-S is extremely user-friendly. Autoclaving is still a gentle and versatile alternative to dry sterilization.

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