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BUSTER ActivityMat has gone viral

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Yay! We are thrilled!
The BUSTER ActivityMat just received the Pet Product News Editor's Choice Award!


Another pat on the back for the BUSTER ActivityMat!

TTPM just placed the BUSTER ActivityMat among the products worthy of the 2016 Paw of Excellence. This means that we are among a bunch of great toys that "represent the best products in their categories in terms of design, manufacture, practicality and value." A great award for any great product. And an award you can use as guideline to find the best possibly products for dogs and cats.


Read the editorial from Pet Age about the TTPM 2016 Paw of Excellence here
Find KRUUSE on the TTPM link to the 2016 Paw of Excellence here

And if you haven't read the amazing social hype around the BUSTER ActivityMat, find it below...

To say it mildly - the hype around the BUSTER ActivityMat has been massive! It all started with the Danish inventor of the ActivityMat, Marianne Vesterholt. She had never really invented anything before, but she firmly believed in the need for a product that could mentally challenge her own dog, Ludvig, through play, so the idea of the ActivityMat slowly settled with her. With Ludvig as her own private beta-tester, she developed what is by now a huge success worldwide and particularly in the USA - in fact an instant hit.

The BUSTER Activity Mat was first showed in the USA at the Global Pet Expo 2015, where retailers, distributors and the press were amazed by the product idea. The press coverage did not delay much - especially when we got invited to the Bark Fest in New York, where the product was officially launched to the public.

Also the timing of Christmas was on our side. The Activity Mat got nominated as the best gift for Christmas in numerous publications and received a lot of reviews from bloggers, radio and TV hosts.

We have in the process of launching the BUSTER ActivityMat gathered a selection of material that you can also use. You can find them on your right hand side by clicking on Blog & Reviews, Events and TV & Radio.

And we also got printed coverage - here a selected few:

Modern Dog Magazine Pet Companion    

Other editions where the ActivityMat
is mentioned:


Let's Play page 38
Cool New Products page 95

See the magazine here 
find us on page 19

If you are a journalist, blogger, TV or radio host and would like to review the BUSTER Activity Mat, please contact us for further details. If you want to learn more about the BUSTER Activity Mat and see a video of it in use, please click on the BUSTER Activity Mat icon.

The fact remains: More than 30 million pet parents have already been exposed to the BUSTER ActivityMat and are thus potential buyers. If you are a dealer and have not already stocked the BUSTER ActivityMat in your store, please contact us to find out how you can join the hype. 

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