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KRUUSE loves pets - so obviously we have lots of great products for them in our range. On that note we would love to share this great review with you from Dolly the Doxie on the BUSTER products - covering both Retail and Clinic.

Psssst....have you seen our BUSTER bowls?

And did you know that we have had TWO products in KRUUSE Retail written up as faves in Modern Dog Magazine? The latest is the BUSTER Active Jacket, and back in 2015, the BUSTER Activity Mat was also a fave.

The Press Hype

Looking for good PR for the BUSTER ActivityMat - find it here

BUSTER ActivityMat

Everybody needs a challenge - dogs too


DogMaze - the story

Looking for good PR on the DogMaze? Find it here


Intelligent feeding!

BUSTER IncrediBowl

The perfect feeding solution for dogs with long ears

BUSTER Outdoor

Nominated as Fave Find by Modern Dog Magazine!


Soft, big, small or just comfortable - there is always a BUSTER bed

B'Seen in the Dark

Avoid any risks and be visible in the dark