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Do you order online?

Back in September this year, KRUUSE UK launched our online shop.

It's been a hit so far - here a quote from one of our online shoppers:
“Since using the KRUUSE UK online ordering system I am extremely impressed with this new service. The order arrives complete next day in some cases within 15 hours of my order being sent! Excellent efficient system."

As easy as 1-2-3
All you need to get started, is a login that you can obtain by contacting Victoria Mills in our Customer Service.

Advantages once online

  • You don't need to call us - you can always order as the website is always open
  • You can add items to your personal list of favorites and come back and order later
  • We save your online order until you choose to place it
  • Your personal My page will always show your set-up, data and ALL the orders you place with KRUUSE UK

Contact KRUUSE
If you encounter items we have not added online yet, please let us know. You can both contact us online (use the form under My page), or you can send an e-mail to Victoria Mills in Customer Service.

If you need any of us in Customer Service, find us here. We are only an e-mail or a phone call away.

Happy shopping! We will be looking forward to doing business with you online.