Metzenbaum Supercut T.C. Cof 14.5 cm 5.75 [760009TC] (375696) - Scissors |

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Metzenbaum Supercut T.C. Cof 14.5 cm 5.75 [760009TC]


More elegant and lighter than Mayos, these scissors are preferred by many surgeons. The Metzenbaum is a finer lighter scissor than the Mayo in which the blade occupies approximately one quarter of the scissor length. Using a 14.5cm metzenbaum rather than a 14cm Mayo will give you a finer scissor but a similar working distance. One blade is sharpened to a tapered edge which greatly enhances the ability of the scissor to slice through tissues.

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Metzenbaum Supercut T.C. Cof 14.5 cm 5.75 [760009TC]

The standard scissor has much more of a crushing action. The Supercut TC is our best scissor having the special cutting characteristic of the Supercut style but with the long lasting Tungsten blades. Identified by one black and one gold handleVeterinary Instrumentation''s metzenbaums have finer tips than standard.

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