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TTA Rapid Petite Cage Titanium 3/10 [TTAR132002310]


For use with 2.0mm TTA Rapid Screws.Advancements of just 3mm are required for most cats and many smaller dogs. For these smaller patients, it is desirable to downsize the screws from 2.4mm to 2.0mm diameter. The TTA Rapid Petite system accommodates this change and features dedicated instrumentation and a dedicated selection of both cages and screws which the surgeon will find are better tailored to these smaller patients. The slot width is smaller on the Petite saw guide as only thin blades are ever used.

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TTA Rapid Petite Cage Titanium 3/10 [TTAR132002310]

The procedure is essentially the same as the newer TTA Rapid technique that does not feature the Maquet hole.

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